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distillazione scrubber sintesi gassificazione
Sterile processes.
Chemical, pharmaceutical and resins synthesis.

The pure, sterile, pyrogen-free steam generators, natural convention, VPV vertical series are CE marked according to 97/23/CE PED Directive and are in accordance with cGMP and FDA rules.
We remember the main characteristics:
double tube sheets with closed air chamber to convoy leakages to a signalling system;
tube nest with clamp connections for an easy disassembling and quick inspection;
circular level gauge with self draining sight glass permitting the continuous sight of generator internal;
automatic drain valve without stagnation zone.
The VPH horizontal series with U tube bundle and extractable double tube sheets is suited for sterile ambient humidification.
The VPE electrical series trailer mounted are particularly studied for little productions as research laboratory, biotechnologies and hospitals.

On the basic f the experience on the solvents distillation plants TerProgetti has developed a new range of distillers for pure water (PW and WFI) for pharmaceutical and electronic uses. The technologies employed are multiple effect and thermocompression system.
In the multiple effect the distilled condensation latent heat is used to distillate the water in the following effect operating at lower pressure. Each effect realized with internally and externally electropolished tubes and sheets.
In the thermocompression always the condensation latent heat is used increased with the thermal energy given by the mechanical compressor. The heard of the plant is the compressor expressly studied for application.
The distillers are CE marked according to 97/23/CE PED Directive and are in accordance with cGMP and FDA rules.

Terprogetti supplies also:
reverse osmosis plants;
sterile dissolvers and crystallisers;
pure water distribution loops;